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Hear why more than 1000 of today’s fertility patients left their fertility clinics and learn key insights on how they could help be supported to stay…

“…I finally realized that some people just click and some people don’t. When I moved on I found the absolute perfect fit. I felt it from the very first second walking into the office. I value the relationship—the feeling that they are in it with me and invested just as much as I am.” – Female, 38, PA, TTC for 10 years

“(I value) honesty, thinking outside of the box, open to all avenues.” – Katie, 38, CA, TTC 2.5 years

“I value communication and just a feeling like I am important.” – Sarah, 34, MN, TTC for 1.5 years.

Why some patients leave…

“My doctor gave me no hope.”

“I did not feel a connection to the clinic. It felt like I was just another patient and when you spend this much money, you need to feel important.”

Through our pregnantish Verified Network of over 40 top infertility bloggers and influencers, patients across the country were invited to share their feedback. The results are inspiring, informative and transformative.

The Founder of pregnantish, Andrea Syrtash, is a nationally-known relationship expert and author of popular books. Andrea is also a new mom after 18 fertility treatments over 7 years. (Spoiler alert: her cousin acted as her gestational carrier. Read her story in People Magazine!)

Join the movement to improve the relationship between patients and healthcare providers through this innovative, value-add Real Talk Series Workshop that will:

  • Help you engage and retain patients
  • Improve communication and trust between you/your staff and patients
  • Attract the attention of media and press to raise awareness in your community
  • Inspire patients by showing them that their healthcare community cares about them
  • Demonstrate how patients and providers can work together more effectively so it’s a win for all

The patients want you to hear their voice. Are you willing to hear them?

Healthcare providers who participate in a Workshop will be recognized on the PVN so patients can see who has taken the time to listen to their feedback and will receive Real Talk Series Certificates of Completion.

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